Friday, August 24, 2012

Winged Invasion Fleet in the Making

In this installment of BuffaloWingz we bring you a photo showing Curtiss C-46 Commandos and P-40 Warhawks under construction in Buffalo, NY... here's the caption from the reverse of the photo, which is dated August 20th, 1942:

Winged Invasion Fleet in the Making

Buffalo, NY......Row on row of torpedo-shaped fuselages for Curtiss Commando military transport planes are shown in mass production in one of the Buffalo plants of Curtiss-Wright Corporation. These planes, the world's largest twin-motored airliners are the new troopships of the sky, designed especially to give maximum striking power to the U.S. Army by getting there fustest with the mostest men and equipment. Efficient production has won the Army-Navy 'E' for the company.

Yeah, you read that right... it said 'fustest with the mostest'. 'Fo-shame! =P

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