Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Swimming Bee

Alrighty, for our first post here in eons we've decided to share a couple'a shots of this here funky-lookin' aerio-plane, caught by Jim Uber at Niagara Falls Airport in July of 2006. Said aerio-plane is a Republic RC-3 Seabee... a post-WWII amphibious sport job developed in anticipation of the private aviation boom that was sure to come about when all the military trained pilots came home out of a job, but still itchin' to soar.

Jim Uber photo

Jim Uber photo


In the midst of writing this bit and doing a bit of additional digging on this particular Bee, your blogmeister has discovered the following photos... also taken at Niagara Falls Airport but presumably much more recently. They came from an epay auction, of all places, as the current owner is apparently looking to sell.

Fade to Black...

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