Sunday, August 25, 2013

It's News to Me

The last installment of 'BuffaloWingz' brought you, the readership of half a dozen or so, coverage of the arrival of 'Air Force One' at Buffalo Airport in Western New York.

Today's installment covers the earlier arrival on that same day of another bird which brought a buncha folks who would cover the aforementioned arrival of 'Air Force One' and subsequent events of the day for a much broader audience.

This charter jet, a 737-400, is owned and operated by Miami Air International. MAI is often contracted by the USAF Air Mobility Command for troop and cargo transport. On this occasion, they had apparently brought in some media folks to cover the President's visit to Western New York and subsequent bus tour across the state.

In this first shot, we see N752MA just after touching down. She would eventually come to rest and offload her passengers at Prior Aviation, in front of the large hangar in the right background of the photo.

And here we see N752MA departing KBUF later in the morning...

All photos: S.Donacik/BuffaloWingz

As a side note, for any music fans, back in 2010 this very jet was chartered to transport Paul McCartney and his band from Miami, Florida to San Juan, Puerto Rico during Macca's 'Up and Coming' tour.

Fade to Black...

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