Wednesday, August 21, 2013

What the Fleet? (Redux)

Alrighty... a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far... no, wait. Wrong blog.

Sometime back we shared a neat shot of a groovy little airplane made by Fleet Aircraft of Fort Erie, Ontario, Canada. Fleet was an offshoot of Consolidated Aircraft Corporation of Buffalo, NY and a number of designs previously manufactured by the latter were also produced by the former, albeit under different designations. Eventually Fleet was acquired by Consolidated... quite frankly, your blogmeister hasn't really looked into all the particulars of this Consolidated/Fleet tangle, and he currently has a hard time distinguishing one type from another, more often than not. But he really digs these little flying machines.

So here's a couple'a shots, one old, one new... one borrowed, one... well, not blue, but we'll try to find a rhyme that works. 'Til then, enjoy these groovy images...

Consolidated Fleet Model 10 (we think)

Project 914 Archives

Here's a closer look at the tail brand...

Project 914 Archives

Not too far from the place your blogmeister calls home is another place called Clarence Aerodrome. Based at this little strip is a Fleet Fawn (Fleet Model 7, we think) which is owned and operated by the Niagara Frontier Vintage Aircraft Group. Your blogmeister would love to get out there to Clarence and get some snaps of this little bird for a future installment of this-here cyber-rag but, until then, here's a shot from fellow Western New Yorker, Don Erwin. Thanks for the green-light to include this shot here, Don...

Don Erwin photo

Fade to Black...

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