Thursday, June 14, 2012

A Gal Named FIFI

Your blogmeister didn't get out to the Buffalo Airport these last three days to see a certain last-flying-example-of-a-Boeing-B-29-Superfortress, and had begun soliciting fellow wingnut/shutterbugs for some groovy pics to put on this cyber-rag. One reason he didn't make it out there was the fact that the bird he really wanted to see... the B-24 'Diamond Lil', (yes, she's regained her old identity) which usually travels with the aforementioned last-flying-example-of-a-Boeing-B-29-Superfortress (which will from now on be referred to as 'FIFI') was not going to be there. 'Lil' suffered an oopsy a couple weeks back and has returned to the barn down in Texas, to undergo a bit of fixin'.

But, wing-nuttiness got the better of your blogmeister... he HAD to go see 'FIFI', even if it was through a chain-link fence, and decided to get off his large posterior, leave the comforts of his native zip code, make the trek to Prior Aviation, and hopefully catch some kinda snaps.

Mission accomplished...

 All photos: S.Donacik/BuffaloWingz

While going through his shots before posting this, your blogmeister heard the Canadian Warplane Heritage B-25 and Lancaster come into town on the KBUF ATC feed, and hoped that they might pass over BuffaloWingz HQ, but they never did. Also heard on the feed was a P-51, (presumably 'Brat III' which is traveling on the same tour with 'FIFI') and then it was heard outside the window... didn't make it downstairs quick enough to get a shot though... your blogmeister needs to get in shape...

Fade to Black...

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