Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Mad Dash and Some Warbirds...

This whole last week has been somewhat hectic around here. (by our standards, anyway) We had a couple vintage visitors from down South at Buffalo Airport early in the week... and they seem to have stuck around for a while longer, as they were due to appear at an airshow up in Hamilton, Ontario this weekend. (That's in Canada, for those of you who are not aware.)

Speaking of the home of hockey and really good donuts, on Thursday a couple more vintage visitors stopped by, this time from the Great White North. They were apparently here for some air to air pikshur-takin' with the southern visitors, as reference to such was heard on the ATC feed a few times during the afternoon. So every time he heard some engine noise, whether it sounded like a vintage military aereo-plane or not, your blogmeister was dashing outside, camera in hand, with great hope in his heart.

Well, all that dashing yielded not a whole lot... except... whuddya-know? A Dash... '8', that is...

S.Donacik/BuffaloWingz photo

It's a far-cry from an Allison, Merlin, or Pratt & Whitney-powered bird, and it's a not-so-great shot, but what the hey... it's better than nuthin' at all.

Anyhoo, we mentioned some vintage visitors. The other day your blogmeister posted a couple'a snaps that he was able to grab of one of 'em, and had also said that he was soliciting fellow wingnuts and photogs for possible inclusion of their images on this cyber-rag, should he not be able to get nuthin' at all. Well, one of them was obliging!

This shot was taken by Jerry Godwin early in the week at Prior Aviation...

Jerry Godwin photo (Source)

And he grabbed this one on Thursday, when the B-29, P-51, Lancaster, and B-25 shared the ramp at Prior.

Jerry Godwin photo (Source)

You can see more of Jerry's photos on flickr, HERE... thanks for sharing your photos, guy!

That's it for now... hasta la pasta!

Fade to Black...

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