Friday, June 29, 2012

Tante Ju

Well, this post is the result of what we here at BuffaloWingz refer to as 'calling an audible'. Actually, there was no planned post yet, and your blogmeister was out at his Sister's place for one of his niece's birthday, trying to figure out what to put on the cyber-rag tonight when he heard a very distinctive sound coming from the sky...

I tell ya, I knew this 'ole gal was coming to our side of the pond, and was hoping that I could see her at some point before she went home... but never did I dream that I'd catch a glimpse of her from my Sister's backyard! Tante Ju was someways off, and I don't have a really long lens on the picture box, so this image ain't so hot. But what the hey... it's not every day you see a Junkers 52 in the skies over Western New York!

S.Donacik/BuffaloWingz photo

There is a website devoted to this bird, which you can check out HERE. View info concerning the ship's trans-Atlantic flight and North American tour HERE.

Fade to Black...

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