Monday, September 2, 2019

WNY Vets

Every once in a while we here at BuffaloWingz like to plug other web projects that we're working on. This time it's a website that your blogmeister created to honor all vets from the Buffalo and Western New York area, not just those who punched holes in the sky. We dig airplane drivers, but also tip our hats to the ground-pounders and the squids.

Anyhoo, the site is still rather small right now, but she'll grow. And we'll probably be sharing some of the aviation related pages here in the future. Matter of fact, we'll share one of 'em now.

Aviation Radioman 3rd Class Joseph Bauer of Lancaster, NY rode the back seat of a Curtiss SB2C Helldiver in WWII, though, sadly, only briefly. Find out more HERE...

WikiTree via WNY Vets

If you're inclined, please click HERE to give the whole site a looksee. Mind you, it's still a work in progress and certain sections and features have yet to be added. So be easy on us! Enjoy.

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