Friday, July 10, 2020

June Bug Over Niagara

Yeah, yeah... we know. Been a while. Sue us.

Four our first post here at BuffaloWingz in more than a few, we offer this super-FREAKIN-groovy shot of a Super Bug family model from VFA-106 'Gladiators' that was snapped a couple'a 'Cutting Edge' calendars back, at the June 2018 edition of 'Thunder of Niagara'. VFA-106 was then and is currently the East Coast Super Bug RAG/FRS. If you don't know what that last means, google it. Your blogmeister is still grumpy over the F-14, VF-101, VF-41, VF-32, and all the other *real* FITRONs, as well as the fact that it's been ages since the last 'Cutting Edge' calendar, and he's in no mood to explain stuff at the moment. (Don't know what 'The Cutting Edge' is? Google it, ya damn kids...)

Anyhoo, enjoy the snap, dammit...

James Neiss, Niagara Gazette

Fade to Black...