Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A Metro, a Gray Bird, and Some Outtakes

While your blogmeister was at the Buffalo Airport this past Sunday saying 'hi' to a vintage visitor, he also spied a couple of other birds... both of more recent vintage... and one which, after a check of the N-number, proved to be as interesting as it looked...

First, the Metro... this is a Fairchild Swearingen SA-227AC Metro III operated by Ameriflight. Nothing exciting, as it's just a civvie. But it's a pretty neat lookin' civvie.

This gray bird looked pretty interesting to me, and I was thinking that, despite its civil registration, it had to be military. Upon checking the N-number (N8107F) my suspicion was confirmed. This bird is a Hawker Beechcraft B300 operated by the US Army as part of the PM ARES program. More info on that HERE.

And now a couple'a outtakes from the B-17 shots. I arrived early, and they were gassin' up the Fort when I caught this scene through the fence...

And roughly an hour and a half later, here's the Fort holding at 'last chance' before turning onto the runway with its first load of passengers for the day... one'a these days I'm gonna buy me a ride.

All photos: S.Donacik/BuffaloWingz

Fade to Black...

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