Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Angry Goat and the Herky Bird

Your blogmeister does not recall the year he saw and photographed this bird, so don't ask. All he recalls is that it was at the Niagara Falls airshow and that he was pleasantly surprised to see the 'Angry Goat' plastered on the nose of this Herky Bird from the 914th Airlift Wing, a local AFRES outfit based at the Falls.

 S.Donacik/BuffaloWingz photo

For those of you who are so unfortunate as to be ignorant of things hockey, the 'Angry Goat' was once the emblem for the Buffalo Sabres. And for those who require further enlightenment, the Sabres are an NHL hockey team from Buffalo, NY. And for those of you who reside under large, hard mineral deposits, the NHL is... well...nevermind. If you're THAT out of touch with the world at large then you probably don't care, would most likely never find this cyber-rag, and therefore would never see what's written here to begin with.

Anyhoo, for the rest of you... don't try to tell us Sabres fans that this is not really a goat... we know better!

S.Donacik/BuffaloWingz photo

Fade to Black...

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